Weekend Getaway: Business Class Style

Aug 20, 2018


Mount Sea Resort has been a popular hangout spot for locals in and around the Cavite area, as they were known for its great pools and great location for an affordable price and flexible rent fees. So basically, whether you look to stay overnight or just to hang around all day, there is a spot for you at Mount Sea Resort.



But if you ask me, I would take the golden chance and book my entire weekend at Mount Sea Resort to get a full experience of its luxurious, and not to mention, brand new look of the Hotel. Yes, other resorts have air-conditioned rooms within its respective areas, but not all have its own hotels, not to mention a business class-level one much like Mount Sea Resort’s. A focal point of their most recent renovation project, Mount Sea Resort’s Hotel, now with a well-lighted and more pleasing-to-the-eyes interior look, is definitely a winner.




Whether you are getting a DELUXE (lower tier), PRESTIGE (mid-tier) or EXECUTIVE (top-tier) room, you’re getting the most bang for your buck than anywhere else as all rooms have free wifi, clean and comfortable beds, cable TV, room service options, free breakfast and complete access to the resort. But while you will never go wrong with a DELUXE or PRESTIGE room, I suggest that you cash in on an EXECUTIVE suite. Not only do you get all the aforementioned amenities, you will also get additional features such as a mini-bar, complimentary drinks, a sprawling view of the Fiesta Del Amor swimming pool, and free access to the Hotel’s VIP lounge. Needless to say, the EXECUTIVE suite at Mount Sea Resort is “Business Class” done right!





Mount Sea Resort promises a luxurious weekend, regardless of your budget. And with hotel rates not exceeding the dreaded PHP 5,000.00 mark, Mount Sea Resort’s Hotel proves that Staycations do not have to punch holes in your pocket.