Recharge, Re-focus & Rediscover Your Business Savvy

Aug 20, 2018


While Mount Sea Resort has been a Cavite institution for all kinds of fun, the place also makes for a perfect venue to boost the business-minded and career-focused Filipino. With its spacious, multi-functional banquet hall ready to serve current and future industrial savants, why hold your one or two-day functions at a cramped and polluted Metro Manila when you can do it right smack in the middle of paradise?



If you’re looking for a perfect place to huddle your team, learn more about exciting industry developments and business trends or want to establish a connection and expand your career network, Mount Sea Resort is THE place. While hotel-based training venues are still the go in the Metro’s business district, prices have soared, forcing organizers to cramp up a tight schedule so as not to go overboard budget-wise. Nowadays, businesses have to make sure that they are sending their employees to the right learning facilities.



Mount Sea Resort, on the other hand, provides a “win-win” situation, providing you adequate facilities for your business event, as well as a hotel/resort-like feel and topnotch service, all at a very affordable price. While at the resort, organizers and guests can avail of MSR’s outstanding accommodation, making a two or three-day training program a productive, proactive and pleasurable experience.



With the city’s major airports a stones throw away, holding your major business or industry event at Mount Sea Resort can be key for employees and trainees from across the Philippines, who can come and learn the most innovative trends of the trade whilst staying away from the dreaded Manila traffic. Planning on inviting a foreign guest speaker? Mount Sea Resort will have the pleasure to have your industry VIP.



At the end of the day, nothing beats excellent service, complete facilities, comfortable amenities and an ambiance like no other. Mount Sea Resort does not only provide a haven for young professionals to get away from it all. It is, especially nowadays, a paradise that will put your business and career goals up into a whole new gear.